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Syriers In Nederland


Recently arrived Syrian’s daily life experiences and perspectives on participation in the Netherlands

This research project is coordinated by Ilse van Liempt from Utrecht University (UU), Ilse is an assistant professor in the Human Geography Department with a lot of research experience in the field of refugee migration. Two research interns from Utrecht’s Incluusion program are also involved in the data collection. Nour and Rima who are both from Syria and have a background in sociology and law. The research is conducted in collaboration with the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Prof. Richard Staring and Abdessamad Bouabid who is an assistant professor in cultural criminology.

The research is commissioned by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) and is a follow up study on the quantitative study that was published in 2018 on Syrians in the Netherlands.


The aim of our qualitative research is to get a better understanding of how recently arrived Syrians spent and experience their days at work, school, and in their leisure time and how they combine and prioritise all these activities in the process of settling-in in the Netherlands. Are you interested to participate and/or know more about our research please contact the Project Leader, Dr. Ilse van Liempt (i.c.vanliempt@uu.nl) (030-2534437)